Who we are

Six Four Five A is an architecture and design studio focused on providing the best services to you, our client. Whether it is providing an initial consultation about the possibilities of your project or designing your dream home, we strive to make a lasting experience in both the process and the finished project.

Our architecture is rooted in designing for an experience – tactile, emotional, spiritual, and visceral. It is about creating spaces that people enjoy and love, that enhances everyday life from the mundane to the wonderful. It is about making the best use of spaces and materials, about their form and function, and about singular and holistic elements. Most importantly, it is about creating environments, spaces and objects that inspire and enrich the lives of the people that use it.

Oliver Dang is an Architect and the founder of Six Four Five A. He has worked with award winning firms in New York and Toronto, with over 8 years of experience providing exceptional design services.


We offer full architectural and design services from the small scale to the large: new residential and commercial construction, interior design and renovations, furniture, to graphic design.

Initial consultations - review of by-laws and codes, site boundaries and conditions, design ideas, timelines and estimated budgets.

Full design process - Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Permit applications, Tender (bidding), Construction Administration.

For a full explanation and breakdown of these stages, please contact us.