Co-Buying and Co-Ownership How-To's / by Oliver Dang

As a home Co-Owner and the Architect of said home, I have been invited to speak about my experiences on both subjects at the 'How-To's of Co-Buying', by Iler Campbell LLP and the Centre for Social Innovation! It will be held on January 27, 2017 at 6:30pm, at the “The Garage” at the Centre for Social Innovation Annex, and includes panelists:

  • Safia Lakhani and Lauren Blumas
    Lawyers, Iler Campbell LLP
  • Danyelle Boily
    Sale Rep, Bosley Real Estate, Ltd.
  • Lesley Tenaglia
    Mortgage Agent, Ultimate Mortgage and Finance Solutions Inc.

Head over here for more information about the event. For those that can't attend, I will do a short blog series based on this talk to provide some more information about the ownership and architecture side of things - stay tuned!